On-campus Studies

“Seminary-Lite” Courses that are excellent, accessible, and affordable.

Our curriculum includes Biblical Studies, Theology, Spiritual Formation, and Ministry Courses.

ATLAS’ local Certificate in Christian Studies (CCS) program began in the Fall semester of 2014 with eight students.  Since then, we have offered courses every semester with an average weekly class size of ten students plus a few more who participate via Skype.  There are no prerequisites for these courses, so we encourage everyone who lives in the Celebration or Orlando FL area to attend in person.  If you live anywhere else, join us via Skype!

These courses are taught at an academic level higher than what is typically available in churches, with the benefit of not having to move geographically or enroll in a Seminary.  CCS also serves as a loving environment for Christians from different backgrounds to learn from one another and bolster unity in the Body of Christ.

ATLAS occasionally offers Summer Seminars on special topics of interest, such as “Modern Monasticism: Tried-and-true ways to make progress on your spiritual journey.”