We are “turning up the lights” in our hearts and in the ATLAS Ministries!  This podcast is the Epiphany Sermon from January 16, 2022.  Listen to this exciting vision and join us as we Imagine, Explore, Decide, and Plan… together!

Jesus’ Resurrection is a reality that brings hope, and so much more.  This podcast is the Easter Sermon from April 4, 2021, and will lead you to a deeper understanding of the Easter message, why it is important, and what a difference it can make in your life.

Lent is a pilgrimage, a journey from now to Easter Morning.  This podcast from Lent week 1 will put you on-course to celebrate the Resurrection with a good conscience and ready to be more fruitful in life!

Don’t Miss Out on “The Whole Message of This Life” !

Epiphany is a time for life-changing appearances of Christ

Advent is a celebration of the Arrival of Hope

Click HERE for a pdf file of the lyrics and Scripture references for the “From: God  To: You” podcasts.