ATLAS is a hybrid seminary/church.

PhD level faculty offer lively lectures and discussion in the classroom. Our goal is to provide not only quality education (Content), but also effective training (Competence), and genuine transformation (Character).

ATLAS offers an on-campus Certificate in Christian Studies (CCS).

This program includes Biblical Studies, Theology, and Ministry courses (non-accredited) at a level above what is commonly offered by local churches, without having to relocate and register at a Seminary.

Apostolic, Anglican, and More.

Many of our students and church members are Anglican, but our programs also include many denominations and nationalities, locally in Florida, and on-line and on-site around the world.


“Find Your Reach”

Here at the ATLAS Theological Center, we take a multi-denominational and a multi-dimensional approach to helping you “Find Your Reach” in Jesus Christ.  “Finding your reach” includes making progress on your journey toward Christlikeness, reaching the full design of what the Lord has for you, and also finding your full reach in ministry for God’s glory.  ATLAS in a word is apostolic.  ATLAS in a phrase is Fully Trinitarian in Four Streams.  ATLAS is a hybrid seminary/church ministry seeking to keep faith deeply rooted in study and keep study deeply rooted in faith.  All for God’s glory and toward a more mature global Christendom.

ATLAS is an umbrella ministry for :

local classes in Biblical Studies, Theology, and Ministry

church services

outreach projects

seminary classes

the Order of St. Barnabas

academic mentoring

spiritual direction